Dominican Boy’s Basketball!!!

Written by Christine Gill

On Wednesday November 28th, Dominican’s boys’ Varsity Basketball team played Sussex Hamilton. This was a pre-season game for Dominican, but they were going to treat this game like if it was a playoff game. Dominican’s starting lineup for their game was Alex Antetokounmpo, Bo Bennett, Ben Jelacic, Delone Austin, and Ranold Kirk Jr. The head coach of Dominican’s team is Jim Gosz. As the game began Dominican knew they had to get off to a big lead against Sussex Hamilton. Both teams where ready for a hard fought game and knew that neither team would get an easy win. As halftime approached Dominican was up 25-23. It was neck and neck throughout the first half but someone needed to jump on top and get a big lead to pull the game off. As the second half began Sussex Hamilton began to jump on top of Dominican and starting getting a good lead on them. Dominican wasn’t going to let this happen, so they began to fight back. When the game came to an end Dominican fell short of the win as they lost to Sussex Hamilton 57-52. It was a great game to watch as two dominant teams went head to head.


Article by: Drew Ottaway

Picture by: Jordan Rowe

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