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Movie Review: Greatest Showman

Written by Christine Gill

Near the end of 2017, the film The Greatest Showman was released in December. While most critics did not necessarily enjoy the movie, the audience members completely loved it. The film’s story takes place in the 1860’s and 1870’s in America, and focuses on a character named P. T. Barnum. Played by Hugh Jackman, Barnum grows up poor, and embellishes a drive to become great. He ends up founding a circus made up of people that were rejected from society due to their oddities. Through his circus, Barnum is able to bring together all of his new friends, and he is able to change society’s view on the previously rejected people. The movie incorporates music, and is similar to a musical as entire scenes are acted out in song.  The other main characters, portrayed by Zac Efron and Zendaya, also tackle the issue of discrimination in a slightly different way. As the film takes place in

the 1800’s, the issue of racism is focused on, and is used to enforce the idea of accepting those who are different than us. In all, The Greatest Showman was an adequate movie with a strong message and motivating music which all help to make it a movie worth watching. by Bernie Goldbach by Junaidrao

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