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Stephen Hillenburg

Written by Christine Gill

Yesterday, Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob, passed away. He passed away from his fight with his ALS disease,  which he got diagnosed with earlier in the year. Spongebob is arguably the best cartoon ever made. It is most definitely one of the most influential cartoons, as future cartoons took the approach of the “2 friends going on adventures” type shows. Spongebob has been one the most popular shows in the entire century. He was a marine-biology teacher and also loved animation, which led to him making Spongebob. Personally, Spongebob was my favorite show on Nickelodeon. Every episode was creative and had clever humor. Characters like Squidward were relatable to lots of adults. As kids, you always wonder why Squidward was sad all the time and as you grow up you slowly act like him more. Stephen Hillenburg took a risk with his dream and it payed off greatly. His work will never be forgotten.




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