Why YOU Should Support the Basketball Teams!

Written by Christine Gill

I think that you should go to the basketball games, because it’s supporting our school, and if you have friends who play on the girls or boys teams I think they would love your support! Also, they have super cool themes for the dress code for the games like spirit wear. It varies, but it’s really fun. It’s also a great opportunity if you haven’t come to any games. It’s great a way to be involved and see our players play and even meet students you haven’t met yet. Also, if you’re a fan of WNBA and NBA, you can watch our players and talk about the game and even talk about your favorite professional players and make new friends. Maybe you’ll also get into the yearbook for attending team games since there are always people taking pictures of the fans in the stands, and the players love the energy that the fans bring! It’s a lot of fun and a great opportunity to share your school spirit, so I encourage you to go out and come to games since its fun and worth it!





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