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What is Seniortis and is it Contagious?

Written by Jerome

Seniortis is something that you get when you are in your final year of  high school or college. It’s something that makes you not what to do anything at all. It makes you want to just chill and relax and see where things go. With this a part of your mindset you are just one bowl of laziness. You don’t feel like doing work inside or outside of class. Also it is really contagious for those who around seniors. For example, juniors share most of their classes with seniors so it rubs off on to them. It mostly happens because they are preparing to step into the role of seniors so they are learning from the best. So to answer your question, seniortis is very contagious and is in full effect, so if you’re not upper class-men please don’t catch this.

– Love Veronica

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