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Why Music is Important to Me

Written by Christine Gill

Music is always a great topic of discussion, because everyone loves it. What is so great about music is that since everyone loves it, everyone has a particular taste. I get excited when people talk about their taste in music, because they might give me new songs that I could love listening to. It is quite satisfying when you find a new band, album, or single song that absolutely resonates with you. This feeling of satisfaction is reached more often the more I share music with others, because it is a way to find good music at a faster pace. Beyond a feeling of satisfaction, music is a key motivator to finish things that need to get done. If anyone were to ask my family how often I would walk around the house with headphones, they would tell you that it seems like I never take them off. Since I usually have a good amount of homework to do every night, and I have no motivation to do any of it, music gives me this energy to grind out the homework. Depending on what mood I want to feel or what type of work needs to get done, dictates what music I listen to at that given time. For example, if I need to read a book for English class, I would put on music that does not have lyrics in them like classical music or piano covers of video game soundtracks, because they give me motivation to read my assignment without distracting my comprehension of the material.

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