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Winter Supercars or Sedans- Blazing Fast with a Cool Look

Written by Gus Wilson

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*Burr* it is getting really cold outside and the snow is going to start falling, which means driving will be really tricky with longer commutes to school or work. Coming with the snow is using the snow blower in the morning, which neighbors love to hear early (sarcasm kicking in). For some people this sort of season is a no-brainer, they can just hop in their car, SUV, or truck and drive away with ease. So what about those who have exotic supercars that are normally stored away for the winter? How do they get around if that car is their daily drive? Well, …that is a bit tricky because not every supercar has a four-wheel or all-wheel drive system, so it has to be stored away. One of the things that makes a supercars impractical is the lack of storage space because some have a mid-engine layout, convertible top (hard or soft top), or an AWD drivetrain set up. (Note: this article has sedans which have supercar-like performance since some manufacturers don’t have a “supercar,” per say). The lineup for a somewhat practical supercar or just some exotic car that can get you from a to b and not have to be stored away for a majority of the year until it gets warmer is very small. I say a small list because there are only 14 manufacturers that make a car or line up of cars that can be used at least three or four seasons out of the year and they are recognizable brands with a great research & development program.

About a year ago, Alfa Romeo started selling their first sedan in the U.S. since 1995 called the Giulia released two years ago. I bring this car up because it is available with all-wheel drive and a twin-turbo V6 derived from a Ferrari V8 which means big power, like 505hp to be exact, which means this car can get wild even if there is snow on the ground. Unfortunately, this car can seat four people which is one of the prices the buyer has to pay when purchasing this car.

Next up is Audi, which has many, many cars that are really sporty, but still have some practicality. Two examples of that combination are the RS7 sedan and the R8 supercar. The RS7 is another AWD sedan but this one has a twin-turbo V8 with 605hp and it can seat 4 people (AWD system takes up a bit of room). The R8 is a two-seater supercar with again AWD and a V10 which makes 610hp, but this weighs less than the RS7 so it is a lot faster. Now if you were to look at this car it doesn’t look very practical whatsoever, but there are roof racks available to put on the back so there is a bit more storage than just the front trunk can provide. It also makes the car look really cool with the addition of wide body fenders, lowered ride height (not too much), and a rear spoiler looking like it is the size of an Audi SUV.

Now to head over to the Bavarian Motor Works or BMW and specifically my favorite car the M5, now in its sixth generation release just this past spring of 2018. This year the M5 now has AWD which is a first for an M sedan, but not a first for an M product, because there were M variants of the X5 and X6 SUV’s. Now this car couldn’t just keep the 550+hp from the last generation because it wouldn’t be crazy enough, so now the car has a revised 600hp twin-turbo V8 making this the most powerful M5. This AWD system is a little more special than the normal XDrive used in a multitude of models; it is called the M xDrive system, which basically means it can be switched between 3 modes, one of which is drift mode, meaning no driver assists at all. The car is able to seat 5 people so the whole family can enjoy the freaky fast ride while still hauling whatever is in the trunk.

Moving back to Italy with the Ferrari GT4Lusso meaning Grand Touring, 4-seater, and Lusso when translated means “luxury” so this is a luxury car. The car has a front-mid mounted 6.3L V12 combined with Ferrari’s 4RM (basically Ferrari’s own AWD system) and an integrated Four-Wheel Steering System which helps with stability while going around corners at high speed. Another positive of the car is that it can fit a fair amount of cargo in the rear hatch, but if skis are part of the cargo the rear seats will have to be folded down. The only downside to the Ferrari 4WD system is that is disengaged when the car is past 4th gear, but in the winter weather it is unlikely that this car will go super fast.

Probably one of the more practical cars in this article is the Jaguar F-Type which offers four, six, or eight-cylinder engines, but the only engine worth mentioning is the 575hp supercharged V8 engine used in the top trim SVR. What makes the SVR so special is that it can be purchased with either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and it has a decent size trunk. If there isn’t enough room in the trunk there are multiple roof rack configurations for purchase from Jaguar or an aftermarket manufacturer.

How can I leave out Lamborghini from this list of AWD practical supercars? This one car they make that has taken the world by storm and is one of the more common Bulls in Lamborghini’s stable. This car is the baby Lambo called the Huracan with a 5.2L V10 making 610hp and is equipped with AWD, which basically is an R8, since all the mechanical bits are the same, although the Huracan is more orientated for the track or curvy canyon roads, but also works really well in the snow, although don’t count on the car getting through a blizzard when the snow is really coming down. The same storage issue goes for the Huracan, because like the Audi R8, it also needs a roof rack or another storage system.

Another German manufacturer in the practical supercar/super sedan segment is Mercedes-Benz with their E-Class sedan and wagon in their AMG performance trim having the designation of 63. Both models have a twin-turbo V8 with AWD making it an all-season monster and the only performance wagon sold in the U.S. making it a really popular model for car enthusiasts that want to take their family for a ride around the track or sliding around corners while seating 5 people.

The next practical supercar is the Nissan GT-R first put on sale in 2008 in the U.S. becoming an instant icon overnight with its revolutionary AWD (for the time), twin-turbo V6 set up and it can seat 4 people, although I don’t think any adult could fit in the backseats since they are really cramped. It can fit a fair amount of stuff in the trunk and the back seats can fold down to accommodate anything plus a roof rack can be bought.

The last of the supercars is the entire Porsche 911 line up with optional four-wheel drive and a quick shifting dual-clutch transmission makes it one seriously ferocious or in other words a very aggressive car. Now to some people the 911 isn’t too special because depending upon where that person lives the car is really common since it is so reliable and comfortable. It has a fair amount of front trunk space since the rear trunk is taken up by the engine (because it is a rear-engine car), which is very rare, at least in the U.S., and there are loads of optional roof racks or roof boxes.

So that is the end of this ludicrously long article full of way more detail than necessary, it was still fun to write about cars in the winter time.


Featured Image found on: Image by: Ferrari

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