Top 5 Streetwear Brands of 2018

Written by Christine Gill

2018 was a year of huge streetwear releases. All of the major brands came out swinging this year and we saw releases like never before. The biggest brands this year were Supreme, Palace, Off-White, Bape and Kaws and his various collaborations.

            The first and definitely best brand of this year would be Supreme. Supreme has reigned, well, “supreme” for years now, and this year is no different. Supreme is just the perfect blend of all things necessary for a successful streetwear brand. Their clothing is very exclusive, but not so much that you never see anyone wear it or ever hear about it. This is what creates excitement around just owning Supreme. It can be annoying when you are unable to buy a piece of clothing you want, but this is easily overshadowed by the pure joy of finally getting something you wanted. Supreme has also grown in popularity due to the secondary market surrounding the brand. People are able to make quite a lot of money around selling Supreme, and every year more and more people decide they want to be a reseller making it a very fast growing and lucrative industry. Supreme is known for its ridiculous long lines and laggy servers, but all of that just seems to add to the thrill of getting your hands on a piece. When you buy a supreme item for retail you know you did not just wake up and buy it, but that you put in the effort and you earned that item.

The best Supreme item of the year is easily the Supreme FW18 box logo. They released box logo crewnecks in which the logo has the same color as the crewneck. The exception is the heather grey, which features a red box logo instead of the monochromatic look of the other crewnecks. These stood out while also embodying the iconic yet simple supreme design. Box logs are some of the most consistently expensive pieces on the secondary market and one of the most sought after pieces.

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Palace had a great year as well. Palace a streetwear/skateboarding brand like Supreme is sometimes slept on. They have drops with no hype around them and no value on the secondary market. Then other weeks their items sellout within seconds. This was most definitely the case with their collaboration with Ralph Lauren. It caused the site to crash and was almost impossible to get. For those who were lucky, however; saw the high retails worth it as the items all had high resell values. A designer and streetwear brand collaborating has shown to always be extremely successful, and this collaboration will go down in the history books as one of the must have pieces for any streetwear collector.

The best Palace x Ralph Lauren item was the Palace Ralph Lauren Skate Polo Bear Sweater.

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Off-White has quickly become one of the most recognizable designer brands of the year. They are most known for their sneaker collaboration with Nike, which has dominated the shoe game and the secondary market. Their shoes have been known to easily go for thousands of dollars, and Virgil’s signature marks have become easily recognizable to anyone into streetwear or designer fashion. Off-White has done more than just shoes though.They also worked with Nike on a soccer clothing line that was very popular and with Ikea on rugs that have humongous resell and will be extremely sought after when given a U.S release. Their Rimowa suitcases are also extremely popular, and their own clothing line has done extremely well this year and has sold out every time, which can be unusual for a designer brand due to the high retails.

 The best Off-White piece this year would easily have to be the Ikea Rugs.

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Bape is probably the most historic of all the top 5 brands this year. From their humble beginnings to being known as one of the most popular and well-known brands in the industry. They have seen a decline in popularity and sales due to the loss of interest over time and people becoming less willing to pay their extremely high retail prices and even less willing to pay for resell. This does not mean that Bape has not had some wildly successful drops with amazing resell, one of those being their collaboration with Mitchell x Ness which featured a collection of NBA teams given a classic Bape makeover. However, easily the most popular collaboration of the year was the one between Bape x XO, the music label. This collection was promoted by the very popular singer The Weeknd and featured a beautiful orange camo theme. This collaboration was extremely hard to get, the website had major problems, and it was minutes before people could even check out.

The best piece from the Bape x XO collaboration would be the shorts and pullover hoodie.

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The final and probably least known brand this year was Kaws. This is due to Kaws actually being an artist and not an actual brand or store. This does not mean he doesn’t have his own website where he sells his iconic statues. Kaws statues are seen in every streetwear store or in any streetwear collector’s home. They have become an integral part of a true hypebeast collection and even though there retail can range from $200-300, they still sell out and lots of his items have amazing resell value and are even auctioned off with other famous pieces of modern artwork.  His most popular pieces this year in terms of a more streetwear sense are his collaboration with Uniqlo and Sesame Street.They have released a variety of clothing items as well as stuffed animals. Kaws has done it all and even though he is more known for his giant statues and paintings that have graced museums and auctions across the country, his streetwear collaborations are nothing to laugh at.

The best piece from the Kaws x Uniqlo x Sesame Street collaboration is the full set of stuffed animals.

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