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The Game Awards 2018

Written by Christine Gill

Last Thursday was the Game Awards, which is an event at the end of every year congratulating games and game directors. The event is hosted by Geoff Keighley who is the one who created this event. Winning best multiplayer (online) game was of course, Fortnite. Fortnite has been the most popular and rapid growing game of the year. Everyone has been playing it, and even adults were paying tutors to help them get good at the game. The best fighting game was “Dragon Ball Fighter Z”, which is a game based off the show “Dragon Ball.” Dragon ball has one of the most massive fan bases, add that with the wonderful designs and combat in the game, and it became the most loved fighting game of the year. Best narrative and music went to “Red Dead Redemption 2,” a open-world western game that has been anticipated for 7 years. The music in this game had everyone singing country for a good week, and the music was perfectly put in certain parts of the game. The story of the game takes over 60 hours, and you relate and like the characters more as you go. The final award, Game of the Year, went to my favorite personal game of the year, “God of War.” Most people agree that this game is borderline perfect. From the story, the characters, the combat, the world, and the take on Norse Mythology, it is definitely the game of the year. Many good games came out this year, but next year will have over three times as many games which makes competition even harder next year.


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