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The Dos and Do Nots for Christmas Break

Written by Jerome


 Some dos for your Christmas vacation. A do is make sure you spend time with your family even though they might drive you totally insane, the time with them will fill you with joy. If you have younger siblings make sure you help them make the cookies for Santa, even if you find it to be a waste of time. Do have a game night followed by Christmas movie night with your family, and just take in all the love that’s in the air. On Christmas morning when your opening your presents that are under the tree, remember to say thank you, even though it may not be what you wanted. Do this because it shows that you value what you are given as well as grateful. Take the time to catch up on your sleep and just get back to your peace of mind before you go back to school. Do think about your New Year’s resolution, because remember: new year new you! Do take this wonderful vacation to catch up on shows that you missed due to the late nights of doing homework. Also, though this may be a break and a time for you to relax, do remember that this is also a time for you to get ready for your new classes that you have. Make sure you put some time to the side for your friends because you don’t have to worry about staying out late or doing homework you can just be free. Most importantly do remember the true meaning of Christmas, for it is not all about the presents but about the LOVE you have for everyone in your life. Have a great break, enjoy it, and i will see you in the new year!


Some do nots for your Christmas break. Don’t get rid of everything from the first semester, because some of those classes are two semesters long. Juniors and Seniors don’t wait to the last minute to read the book for your English classes, because those teachers will test you when you get back from school. Don’t forget about what you learned the first semester because it is still important and could be something you need to remember. Don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas, because Jesus is the reason for this season, and his birthday is a day to remember. Don’t be selfish or ungrateful if you did not get what you wanted for Christmas, because not all parents can afford everything. And lastly, don’t forget Christmas is a time to spend with family, so make the most of it.

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