The Legacy of LeBron James

Written by Matthew Sherlock

LeBron James was born on December 30th 1984 in Akron, Ohio. Growing up in Ohio, young LeBron James was always a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. It was always his dream to play in the NBA for his favorite team. LeBron was a fantastic young basketball player. He went to high school at St. Vincent-St. Mary, and went to the NBA directly out of high school. This was back in a time when you still could play in the NBA right out of high school. LeBron James was selected as the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft. He was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. His dream had come true; LeBron was getting the chance to play for his hometown team in the NBA. LeBron was an immediate superstar in the NBA, winning the NBA rookie of the year award. Unfortunately, LeBron was not able to get a championship in his early years with the Cavs. In 2010, it was time for LeBron to decide if he wanted to stay loyal to The Cavaliers or go to different team and betray the fans of Cleveland. He decided that his best chance to win the NBA Finals was to take his talents to south beach and play for the Miami Heat. The fans of Cleveland were crushed; they thought that their hero would never leave them in the shadows. In Miami LeBron was joined by Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh; they had formed the Big 3. They were said to be unstoppable in the Eastern Conference and unstoppable they were. They were able to win two NBA Championships in Miami. After his time in Miami, LeBron felt like it was time to go home and win a NBA Finals for his Cleveland Cavaliers. The fans of Cleveland rejoiced when LeBron, their hero came back. LeBron did not win right away when he got back to Cleveland. They lost to the Warriors in the NBA Finals in his first year back with the Cavs. Finally, in his second year back with the Cavs, LeBron carried the team to win the NBA Finals.Cleveland rejoiced; they had finally won the finals with LeBron. He had done what he originally set out to do.

            This season, LeBron left Cleveland and went to The LA Lakers. The Cavaliers fans were so grateful that their hometown hero had come back and won them an NBA Finals. LeBron stayed true to his roots and in the end stayed loyal to Cleveland. At the end of his Career, LeBron will go down as one of the top player s of all time. He will forever be remembered as the greatest Cleveland Cavalier of all time.   

Photo By: USA Today

Written by: Matt Sherlock and Drew Ottaway

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