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Varsity boys basketball: Early Season Recap

Written by Christine Gill

The Dominican boys’ varsity basketball team is currently undefeated this season with a 2-0 record in conference. So far they have been dominating the league and they are showing no signs of slowing down. They started the season off in full stride while being led by their captains Alex Antetokounmpo and Josh Egede and their head coach Jim Gosz. The time the team spent in the off season was definitely not wasted,and their undefeated record is concrete proof of that fact. When the team works together as well as they are right now, they truly are an unbeatable force of nature that leaves it all out on the court.

When we interviewed the members of the team and asked them how they have been doing so well, the most prevalent answer we got from them was simple. Teamwork and trust. They went on to explain to me how important teamwork and trust can be when you want to make it to state. The members of the team explained that you need to work well as a team and trust each person to play their role in order to win with ease.

The Dominican Knights have even had one of their games televised. This game was against Racine Prairie school where they won 69-45. I personally attended this game and I can tell you without a doubt that the game was not even close. The Knights dominated throughout the first half and cruised to victory with ease in the second. It almost seemed too easy for our Knights. Hopefully, they will be able to keep their momentum going today when they play Saint Thomas Moore on Tuesday December 11, 2018.

Pictures by @PrizedUp

Written by Isaiah Mitchell and Alex Antetokounmpo

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