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A Message from the Editor

Written by Christine Gill

What an adventure this semester has been! I am so proud of myself and my Knightly News team because of the amount of effort we all put into our articles. As the editor, I have the honor to review and publish all articles put on the Knightly News website. Because of this position, I am able to help improve the writing abilities of my peers, as well as witness the creative ideas my fellow writers put into their work. I appreciate the passion they put into every piece they give to me. For example, Jace is into men’s fashion, Solomon writes about video-games, Nails reviews music, and Simon writes movie reviews. Their interests are are put into these articles, and it makes the reader feel the passion for the topics they enjoy. Even though the students sometimes wait until the last minute to finish their articles, the quality certainly does not decrease. My overall experience in this class has been a great time, because of the variety of people I am able to communicate with. Through this class, I am now acquainted with various students from different grade levels I thought I would never talk to. As this semester comes to a close, and with a new team for the Knightly News emerging, this article is dedicated to the future class that will run the Knightly News. Before this article ends, I want to leave the next class with this message…Be creative, be unique, and strive to promote the Dominican values through your writing!


Alexander Spencer

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