Polio Like Disease Takes the Scene

Written by Christine Gill

Polio is now a rare condition in most first world countries thanks to vaccines, but a new condition might be taking its place. Acute Flaccid Myelitis or AFM is a similar illness to Polio causing paralysis along with other severe symptoms mainly affecting children. The CDC recorded that 90% of the confirmed cases are of children, making this an especially unlikable disease. Since the CDC started recording cases in 2014 per year the amount of confirmed diagnosis has been steadily rising to a record breaking 149 in 2014.The number of confirmed cases has fluctuated by year since then but scientists still have no answer to what causes this illness, other than the patients usually having viral illness or respiratory infection before showing symptoms of AFM, leaving doctors puzzled as to what this could mean. The resulting confusion and lack of a solution from doctors has lead a large amount of the families to seek counseling from others that have polio, as it is so similar to AFM. Some families have started funding websites to help with the medical costs and to push for more research on the disease.

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