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The Battery has Died or Last Article of the Year

Written by Gus Wilson

 Well as the year comes to an end, exams are only one day away, people are flocking to the different shops to do last minute Christmas shopping, and figuring out who is coming home or over to celebrate this holiday. Christmas has a lot of different definitions depending upon who you ask what Christmas is all about, sometimes the answer will be getting presents or bringing out the hidden joy in others. What does it really mean though? It means celebrating the birth of Jesus as far I know, though others may have more to add to that. This holiday to some car gurus is an excuse to buy more things for their cars or to get something for another car guru, but I’m not going to advertise which items should be bought for a car guru. I instead will describe this year as one that was a blast stuffed full of cars, car racing, school events, traveling out east to New England, hanging out with my friends, and enjoying time with my two older siblings. Although, I shouldn’t say Happy New Year too soon, because 2019 is two weeks away, and there is more fun to be had before the year ends. I am going to shift gears into some auto news about what’s coming next year.

Now you may be asking, “Gus what car stuff is coming in 2019 and what is so exciting about it?” Well, there is a lot that is coming that is exciting! Ford is bringing back the Shelby GT500 Mustang which is going to be revealed next month at the Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet or Chevy might be revealing the next generation Corvette that will be mid-engined which is a radical change from the last 7-generations of Vettes which were all front-engined, and Porsche is going to be unveiling the new 992-generation 911 plus their Mission E (Electric) cars in both sedan or CrossTurismo which is a lifted up hatchback. Toyota is going to unveil their new Supra in January at the Detroit Auto Show, Jeep has their Gladiator pickup truck up for pre-order which means it is going to go on sale for the 2020 model year since they found out the truck market is so profitable in the U.S., and Mercedes-Benz is revealing their second-generation CLA-class sedan in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which means some new technology might be integrated into the car.

Well, this about wraps up this article into a neat, Christmas tree themed, present. Happy Holidays to all and a Happy New Year!

I will be back next year with more articles except under a different section name.

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