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Trailer Overview: Avenger’s Endgame

Written by Christine Gill

Recently released was the first trailer for Marvel’s next film, Endgame. The new trailer has many fans theorizing what could possibly happen in the movie based on the hidden messages within the short teaser trailer. From just a two-minute video, more than a dozen of possibilities have been theorized and thought-out. However, in my opinion, the following course of events is most likely to occur when the film finally releases in April. First off, the trailer opens with one of the protagonists, Tony Stark recording a message while out adrift in space. His recording is addressed to Pepper Potts who is his fiancé. In his message he talks about how it is unlikely that he will be able to escape, as there is little power left in his pod, and he has no means of flying home as his suit is destroyed. Because of this intro, I believe that Pepper will be involved in saving Tony by either directly flying in one of his suits to rescue him, or getting help from the other Avengers in order to save Iron Man from his demise. Next, another clue in the trailer is seen when the armor of Thanos is shown to be hung up in a field, and is set up in a way that it almost looks like a scarecrow. In my opinion, this imagery hints to the fact that because Thanos had already accomplished his mission of killing one half of the populationin the previous film, that he decided to return to his simpler life and get back to living his own life. Thirdly, at the end of the trailer, the audience is shown a video display of Scott Lang (Ant-Man) arriving at the Avenger’s base, and asking to come inside. This came to be quite a shock, as the last time we saw him was at the end of Ant-Man and theWasp where he was trapped inside of the Quantum Realm. Also, the truck that he is seen driving held the machine which leads back to the Quantum Realm. Since this realm can be used to manipulate time, I believe that this will be used in order to go back in time to the previous film before Thanos destroyed part of the world. While this plot device may seem cheesy and almost “too easy,” I cannot see another way that the heroes could win and fix all the damage that was done. In all, while the first trailer for Endgame may not be very long, it still showed its audience many clues that could easily contribute to the final Avengers movie.

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