5 Things You Must Know About and Do in High School.

Make sure to have a balance between school and other things!

  • You are going to have to do things other than just attend school. Things like playing sports, being a part of theater, and joining the dance team. High school is not middle school; things get even more difficult than they were in middle school, meaning homework is going to be harder and take longer to do. This is why a balance is very important and managing your time more wisely. Do not procrastinate!

People change!

  • Your “friends” from freshmen year are not going to be the same throughout your four years of high school. Why you may ask. Well it has to do with not only you are getting to figure yourself out but others are too. They are trying to figure out what they like, and trying to find new hobbies. So many things play into this, but never feel like it is your fault if you and a friend become distant over time.

Get involved!

  • Getting involved; it is super important. You need to get involved because it looks very good on a college application. Getting involved in sports and theaters can get you scholarships for college. Not only is it good for college but it is good for yourself. You are able to make so many new friends that you might have never thought you would be friends with, and joining other activities opens you up to several different opportunities.


  • Do not give into them. Drugs are everywhere you go.  People are going to offer you anything and everything. This does not mean that you have to say yes to it. Saying no is the best way to go. Do not be afraid to say no to things, think of yourself and think about how these things will affect you. Drugs are not fun, they do not do your body any good, and they are not something you should play around with.

Enjoy High school!

  • Do things that make you happy. You are learning about things that you enjoy, so if it makes you happy do it! Do not be afraid of what others think. Trying new things is very important because most of the time if you hear something and it is intriguing to you, you will most likely enjoy it once you have tried it. Go to high school dances or go to games, just have fun in high school because remember you only go through it once.

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