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Interview With Jamari Magee

Written by Jack Robertson

Jamari is another student at Dominican High School who is a junior. He transferred from Shorewood High School at the beginning of the second semester last year. He is also on the basketball team and has not been able to play in any games so far this year due to WIAA rules. As he nears his return I asked him about how his mentality has been this year as well as how he feels about returning.

Q: How did it feel to not be able to play for over half the season?

A: “Took a toll on me. Overall I began to be more patient the more I learned to be patient and the more I thought about how good I would feel my first gamer back.”

Q: How does it feel to now be able to fully play?

A: “Anxious, it almost feels like it is not real, just excited and ready.”

Q: What did you do in order to deal with not being able to play for so long? 

A: “My teammates most definitely helped me, encouraged me to keep working hard in practice every day and treat every practice like a game.”

Q: What do you feel you team is missing right now if anything?

              A: “I feel we could use another shooter and playmaker.”

Q: What do you feel you are going to bring to the team?

A: “I feel like I’m gonna bring overall scoring and playmaking and just tryna organize the team a little bit better and get us more ready for playoffs.”

Q: What was the adjustment like going from Public Shorewood to a small private in Dominican school wise?

A: “It’s way stricter but the biggest transition was just how small the school was. Teachers who you don’t have still know who you are. Having to wear certain clothes is also tough.”

Q: What was the adjustment like going from Public Shorewood to a small private in Dominican basketball wise?

A: “Defense is way more emphasized under coach Gosz, Gosz lets u play a little more than the Shorewood coach, more player coaches at Dominican that we can relate to more. We have a better variety of coaches here.”


Q: What is a major difference between playing at the beginning of the season and the middle of the season?

A: “Gotta change my mindset, now I gotta know that like people are counting on me to come in and play well and that if I don’t have the right mindset I know it won’t happen, gotta bring intensity and energy which is a different mindset.”

Q: How does game day feel different when you are playing vs not playing?

A: “When I am playing, before the game I usually listen to music to get me energized or watch basketball and motivation videos and just kinda stay around my teammates versus when I’m not playing, I’m kinda just on my phone scrolling through social media, interacting with my peers, not focused as much.”

Q: What colleges are you interested in playing for?

“I would probably say right now Marquette and UWM realistically or Riverland Community College.”

photo by Mrs. Gill

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