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Movie Recommendation of the Week

Written by Jonathan Frank

This Week’s recommendation is SpiderMan: into the Spider-verse (2018) Theaters.

This Movie…. Is amazing. Personally, I just saw it yesterday, January 16th 2019, and I already see why it’s considered one of the best animated movies, (Not just animated superhero movies, but movies in general). This movie is great for superhero fans, Spiderman fans, and just fans of movies in general. The story this movie tells isn’t just the typical “Spider bites Peter Parker, Peter Parker becomes Spiderman.” While it does have that, it has much more. Like 7 versions of the origin story. The story has emotion, and heart in it. Each character is amazing in their own way, and they all have their own style to the way they are animated. Speaking of animation, you should see this movie for the animation alone. The style is that of the comic books that created Spiderman in the first place, on top of that some other characters have their own completely different styles. There’s a style based on Japanese animation, 1940’s animation, and even Warner Bros cartoons. The action is great, the villain is amazing, and the story has so many good emotional moments. I would have cried in the theater but there was a kid 2 rows behind me who distracted me by running around the theater screaming. (But that’s not what we’re talking about). So not only is the movie great in all those ways, they went and picked an amazing sound track to go along with this movie. While a few songs I didn’t feel worked in the movie, that’s just because it’s not my style of music. Even then I enjoyed almost every song in the movie.

Also the movie has Nicholas Cage in it. See it for him… please. Seriously though, see this movie.

-Jonny Frank

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