Inside Look into an International Student Tori Yang

Written by Anthony Grafton

Tori Yang is an international student from China. Tori is a senior at Dominican high school. An international student should be mistaken with a WIA student. The main difference is that WIA students all live together while international students live with a parental figure or family in America, or a guardian. Tori lives with her aunt and her uncle who have a Japanese restaurant even though they are all Chinese. Tori works as a hostess there. The restaurant serves fish, seafood, and Tori recommends the teriyaki.

Tori has been in two different guardian households. Before coming to Dominican, Tori went to a high school in New York for her freshmen and half of her sophomore year. Tori had other people help her pick a school after filling out papers and taking an English test to make sure her English is well enough to come to America. Tori left New York because of how bad her high school was. She said she saw someone smoking in class once. Despite her high school life, Tori enjoyed being in New York, compared to Wisconsin, for the far better variety of things to do and places to go. Tori gets around on her long board skateboard. She uses it mostly to get from place to place. When Tori feels home sick, she calls her mother back in Fujian, China. The things she tells her family is relatively normal talking about school and how she has been.

Tori came to America in 2015. Before Tori came to America, she was taught proper Chinese, English, and how to be proper like walking properly. That was in kindergarten, but when she was in middle school she joined the track team running the 100 meter and 200 meter. Unfortunately, Tori got into a car accident and her parents took her out for Tori’s own safety.  Tori said she had more important things to do.

After coming to America, Tori found friends in the other international students and WIA student. Tori said that it helps that people can translate things like school work. Tori has friends but gravitates towards these people for those reasons. Tori likes America but thinks that people saying bless you after sneezing is weird.

photo taken by Big Smooth

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