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Interview With Brianna Jordan

Written by Braelynn Jordan

Tuesday, January 15th, was a big day for Dominican High School Knights. It was the day we played our rival Martin Luther Spartans. This was a tough game for the Lady Knights. After the game, I got to interview player #10, Brianna Jordan. Before the game, Ms. Jordan said that she prepared for it by practicing different plays and their defense. Her mindset was nervous, but she prepared to do her job as a team member and a sister.  Before the game, she had thoughts about her team winning if they played together, but if they didn’t then they would have lost, “Whatever happens, happens”. After taking a loss that night, Bri didn’t enjoy the outcome of the game. She felt that she and her teammates didn’t play to their best ability, nor as a team. Nor did she like the outcome of her having a broken finger. After trying to convince herself that her finger wasn’t broke, Bri realized that she couldn’t let it get to her, because she still had a team, and the job wasn’t done. So she still played the rest of the game. One thing that she took away from the game was she still had a team behind her no matter what the outcome was. Bri is now out for the rest of the season due to her broken finger. There you have it first, Knightly News.

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