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New Teaching Power In DHS!!

Written by Tori Yang

Q: Do you teach in any other school before, what is your average for students?

A: Before starting at Dominican High in January, taught at Catholic East Elementary, which was K3 

Q: What’s the different between high school students and elementary or Kingdom garden school student, do you change your teaching style?

A: Some teaching skills are still the same because “kids are still kids”. Kids in elementary school still needs to get up and move around (“wiggle around”) and same goes for high schoolers. Teaching in high school is different because I can teach different parts of songs now and to learn soprano/alto lines, also adding bass and tenor because both doesn’t exist in grade school. The kids in grade school voices hasn’t changed yet. She’s having fun even in her first few weeks here because she gets to do a great variety of music. In both grade school and high school, she looks for the talents and desires of the kids have and to let them embrace them to create the best.

Q: Did you ever teach in DHS before? If you don’t what do you feel DHS Choir group? Do you comfortable teaching Choir student?

A: She has never taught in Dominican High before this year, but she has been involved in the school for a long time because she has kids that attend here.

Q: Which part is your favorite part by teaching in here?

A: She was nervous at first because she has worked with adult choir and grade school choir but never high schoolers. She didn’t know what to expect from the high schoolers because she doesn’t know how they will feel with her teaching style, but she’s been surprised with the outcome of the high schoolers. Another, good thing about teaching Dominican students is that they choose to be in choir and not focused like in grade school, which makes it a lot easier for her because they like to sing and want to work really hard to improve.

Q: Could you describe both different choir using one word? And why do you think that way.

A: Her favorite part teaching at Dominican and Catholic East was that music was always tied to her faith and she was always around her faith, even when she was a little girl herself. She loves being in a place where its welcomed to sing about God and share that with kids, which she thinks is the best part of the job. She states that she wouldn’t be getting the same experience if she was teaching at a public school.

Q: Are you exciting or nervous about the upcoming mass?

A: –Treble choir = joyful – the kids that come through the door have a lot of energy and has a lot of happiness and joy, even if someone is not feeling the best that day, she still sees the joy. “Maybe, it’s the last hour of the day”, but she doesn’t feel that way because whatever she has the students sing, she always sees joy in everybody.

Chamber choir = disciplined – the students want to be perfectionist by getting all the notes right and ask a lot of questions. They’re a little bit more serious than the treble choir and gets down to business. Both choir cares a lot about what they do but she just has a different feeling towards both.

Q: What songs you are plan to do?

A: She is excited about the upcoming mass because whatever happens won’t be a big deal because the whole point of mass is praising God and she doesn’t worry about mass. She is excited about the January and February mass because in January all school in St. Monic and for February she gets to meet with the perent worship committee for the first time and see how they work with the readings that day and select some music ideas to them and new things to add.

Q:  Do you think any special idea for January mass?

A: She wants to convince them to sing “Restless” as a prayer lude for mass, which is a song right before mass starts. Another, song on her list is “All Creatures of Our God and King” because the readings of that day are the creation of the world.

Q: Do you have any plane for the Solo and Ensemble?

A: She’s busy working with both treble and chamber choir’s pieces for the solo and ensemble. Both choirs will perform as class A vocal group so each will prepare 3 pieces on March 16th. She noticed a really great job from the students practicing in their first week and she believes they will do a great job at the performance.

Q: In the end, what do you want to tell all the choir student? And what do you want to tell people are interesting to sing, but still didn’t join choir yet?

A: She wants the students in choir now to know that she appreciates that they register for choir even though the numbers are small, and they are doing the best and they are all sounding amazing. For the students that have been in choir before or never been in choir that there is a place for them in either groups. She wants new students to give it a try next year and to not be afraid if they don’t know how to read music or not be afraid if they can sing alone because they’ll be a part of the choir and that is why she is there to help them exceed.


After I had a great conversation with Mrs. Parlier; I truly understand the wonderful personality and teaching style she had.  Otherwise the answers she gave me were really thoughtful, and I also can tell she is really enjoying teaching at Dominican High School, that might be a new unforgettable memory for her. Then end of conclusion, I wish everyone can join in these Choir groups the teacher Mrs. Parlier and other Choir members will love anyone who loves to sing to join us.

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