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Bill Gates Expected to Buy Dominican High School in 2020

Written by Monteagudo

The following article is for entertainment purposes and should not be interpreted as real information. 

One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, has decided to buy out Dominican High School. There have been many rumors speculating of an event like this to occur.

Gates was recently seen walking into Dominican High School to chat with Edward Foy, DHS’s Principal. Although Foy has not confirmed or denied this claim, Gates took it a step further in taking to twitter:

Gates is well known for his generous actions and has provided many companies and establishments with monetary funds. His senseless work has led him to be one of biggest charity donors in the world. His corporation Microsoft has led him to make a whopping one million dollars in funds yearly.

The Dominican Knightly News has got an exclusive quote from Melinda Gates regarding the new purchase.

I really pushed Bill to purchase this small school. It will look great on our foundation.”

Residents of the Whitefish Bay community are very excited for the new donor to join the community. It is assumed that Gates will bring new technological advances to DHS and many donors to the school. On the flip side, some might assume that Gates will alter the Dominican Knights as an entity, possibly turning the mascot into the Dominican Computers.

We spoke with a student at the high school.

“No, I do not think that Bill Gates’ investment will be harmful. If anything I think he would bring more positive changes. Maybe he will fix the food in the cafeteria.” -Anthony Grafton ’19

“I hate it (Bill Gates). I’m pro-Apple. Maybe with all that money he can buy some Airpods.” -Paola Camarillo ’19

“Maybe we’ll get computers that actually work!” Paloma Romo ’19

Most of the feedback has been relatively positive. Although, there is still no confirmation from Edward Foy yet, we can assume that Gates was speaking truthfully when he took to Twitter.


Photo By: The Telegraph 

Photo of: Bill Gates

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