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Favorite Poem of the Week

Written by Braelynn Jordan

Today we have a favorite poem from senior Josh Egede. This poem is called If by Rudyard Kipling. In one word, this poem would be described as thought-provoking by Josh because it makes him think about his actions, and reflect on if he is the person he should be. Josh wanted to share this poem with us because after getting notified that he would be featured, he discussed with his mom about which one to pick, and she chose this one. Even though his mom chose the poem, there still is a sign of this poem to Josh. The significance being, it provides good life lessons, and he can look at it in a way that it provides different qualities about life that he can take upon as he grows up. After reading the poem, one thing Josh wants us all to take away is that we can all find ways to improve ourselves.

Photo Cred: Braelynn Jordan (photo of Josh)

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