New Year’s Eve Family Dinner (年夜饭)

Written by Tori Yang


As we all know, the Spring Festival is the biggest festival for Chinese people. On this day, everyone reunites together, no matter where you are in the world, often there will be embarrassing phenomena in Chinese New Year traffic, especially for train tickets, airline tickets and so on. There are a lot of movies on the subject matter. This shows how important the Chinese New Year is to people. In addition to transportation and other customs, the most important thing is dinner!!

The annual reunion dinner of the New Year’s Eve fully demonstrates the mutual respect and love of the Chinese family members. This mutual respect and mutual love makes the relationship among the family closer. The reunion of family members often makes the “owner of the family” comforted and satisfied in spirit. The elderly look at the children and grandchildren, the size of a family, the care of the past and the painstaking efforts of raising children, and it is not in vain. What a happiness? The younger generation is also taking this opportunity to express gratitude to the parents for their parenting.

There are many traditional foods in this festival.


Fish; fish has a very good meaning; every household will do this dish. New Year’s Eve bring a health, fresh, delicious steamed fish and eye-catching, and not less.





Rice cake represents annual successes. The golden rice cake not only looks pleasing, but also tastes very good.


Chicken. The word Chicken had the same pronunciation as luck. In Chinese New Year when you eat chicken, it gives you good luck. Moreover, chicken meat is tender, delicious and nutritious, and has the function of nourishing the See the source imagebody. Whether it is hot soup or mixed with cold dishes it is all delicious.








Shrimp. Shrimp also represents lucky treasure. In addition, the shrimp has a high nutritional value, and the taste is even better.








Dumpling. Dumpling have the meaning of reunion and is a must in the New Year’s dinner. Sometimes a coin is placed in the dumplings, which means luck.









There are many more food in addition to what share here…

Wish everyone have a happy New Year


Photo from CuiJiu Jiang; Rong Suan; Jane-yy.

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