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Chinese Fake News Exaggerates the New Chinese Science Fiction Movie ‘The Wandering Earth’

Written by Van Yang

The Wandering Earth is a newly-released science fiction film directed by Frant Gwo, which is said to be China’s first attempt of full-scale interstellar spectacular movie. It is based on a science fiction novel written by Xinci Liu, who is also the author of ‘The Three Bodies Problem’.

This news posted by a Chinese media cite is a fairly  objective review of the movie ‘The Wandering Earth’ from a Hong Kong media called South-China Morning Post, but it distorts the actual perspective of the original post and exaggerates the impact and greatness of the movie. The exaggerated version of the post says the movie sets up a milestone for the movie industry and already out does ‘Interstellar,’ which in fact the review of the movie turns out to be mixed. Though hopefully the movie ‘The Wandering Earth’ can make a good start for the Chinese science fiction industry and will inspire more quality work to emerge, eagerness for quick results should be avoided, as the masterpieces are always done with care and sincerity.


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