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Getting to Know Elijah Oliver

Written by Isaiah Martin

Since it’s Black History month I thought that it would be perfect if I interviewed some of DHS’s African American students. I contemplated for a while on who I would interview and ended up choosing Elijah Oliver. Elijah Oliver is more than what I ever could have perceived him to be. He is an intelligent black man who gives and deserves respect. Peaceful, calm, and collected, Elijah is certainly someone who comes to mind when you think of a more than exemplary person and student.

Q: You were born in Milwaukee right?

Elijah: That is correct

Q: What was your childhood like?

Elijah: My childhood was very secluded. I went to Milwaukee college prep at the age of 8. I was diagnosed with leukemia, so I spent a lot of my childhood battling from the age of 8 to eleven.

Q: What was it like having leukemia?

Elijah: I was young so I didn’t know much about it I know my mom was stressed out about it paying medical bills and all that. And at first I couldn’t walk and there was a moment where I lost my hair so I just thought to myself what are other people going to think about me and it was a very self-reflecting 2012.

Q: What’s the hardest thing you’ve been through in your life?

Elijah: Probably leukemia.  I’ve been pretty blessed throughout my life. Like leukemia was hard but it wasn’t like impactful on my life. I’m a very optimistic person so I tend to look at the positive. You got to see the good in things because it will affect the way you live.

Q: What do you consider the best features about yourself?

Elijah: First of all, my optimism, my awareness, and my ability to understand people. I’m very respectful to people, and my family always comes first.

Q: What are your flaws?

Elijah: Sometimes I’m not sympathetic towards my mother and as she would say, I need to always be right.

Q: What are your views on politics and our government?

Elijah: I don’t know what to think because I don’t judge based of what I hear or what people say. I don’t really know Trump, so I can’t judge him if I don’t know what he thinks.  Sometimes people spread fakes news. I feel like politics are dividing America between people who support Trump and people who don’t. As far as religion I believe in God I believe that all people should get along.

Q: What are some things that are important to you?

Elijah: Family, Me making sure that I’m good, my friends, and my financial situation.

Q: Do you believe in love?

Elijah: I do believe in love, but it’s a very complicated topic. I feel like love is very important, and I feel like love is unique to each individual, so you can’t put a definition on love, but it’s obviously a feeling that you have. Love is important to me because God made us to love each other, and without love, what’s the point of living?

Q: What does it mean to be a black man to you?

Elijah: It means that I have to work extra hard in life to defy the stereotypes or avoid becoming a statistic I hate when people say you don’t want to become another statistic because we should be able to live our lives however we want to.

Q: What is your religion and your views on it?

Elijah: I’m a Christian. I believe in God, but I don’t go to church every Sunday like I used to, and that’s all I’m going to say.

Q: What does black history month mean to you?

Elijah: It’s just like remembering all the people who help us getting us where we are today, and I think we should do this all year around instead of just doing it for a month, but its pretty significant that there is a month dedicated to them. Just to remind America and the people who will be our next generation, who are growing up now, just teaching them about our past.

Q: What are your deepest thoughts?

Elijah: I always wonder if heaven Is real. I’m always thinking we’re all going to die so why are we so worried about the little things in life after death? I wonder like will we have a soul to experience heaven, or will there just be nothing, or is it reincarnation? Sometimes I feel like I’ve already been reincarnated and just don’t remember my past life and that I’ll be reincarnated again and just won’t remember anything

Q: What was the best experience of your life?

Elijah: I’d say Kairos. Kairos was a great experience. Everybody got to open up and express themselves.

photo credit: Isaiah Martin

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