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The Dandy Adventures of Bass Reeves

Written by Anthony Grafton

This story is based on a true story. Some information may be construed for sake of coolness. The links will be featured at the end of the article.

The wild west is a vile cesspool of crime and villainy. At this point and time, the wild west was known for its lawless nature, which was why many criminals fled to the west to live their lives in impudence. The U.S Marshal James F. Fagan needed justice to be served. James couldn’t do it alone though. As a U.S Marshal, he could gather some of the best people in Mississippi to become his deputies. The first person he sought out was a man by the name of Bass Reeves, the original Django Unchained.

Bass grew up a slave like most African-American people of this time did in the south. Bass ended up fighting in the Civil war but escaped to Indian Territory. Though Bass was still under the son of his old Master’s will, Reeves gained the expertise in gunslinging he is known for today. The fact that he was ambidextrous, meaning he could shoot with two guns proficiently which is very hard, also helped. After fighting the Civil War, he left to make a new life. Some say that he was tired of life. Others said that he beat up his Confederate owner who brought him to the war in the first place.

Bass escaped to what is now considered Oklahoma. The Native American, the Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes, had just been cast out of their homes and ruled this land. The rule of the Native American was nothing close to the strict law of Justice. Anyone running away from the law came here to either be free or continue their felonious ways. Bass indulges himself in the vast culture of the native American. The first thing Bass did is to learn the terrain of “Oklahoma.” He knew every inch like the back of his hand. He could shoot with both hands, so he always carried two pistols for his own safety. The native American from the Seminole and Creek tribe helped him while also taught him some of their cultures include their languages.

James only wanted the most elite of hunters, trackers, and marksmen. The thing is that by that point, Bass had a family with eleven children and a wife to take care of. Bass was a free man living his life in the state he was a to, Arkansas. It was the second hardest decision of his life, but he was the most experienced with the dangers of the west first hand. Bass used his time with the Native American to further his pistol skill. Bass also always carried a rifle around. So, he joined the marshals and throughout the time he was on the force Bass was never got wounded. Most outlaws were known for having big gangs and extremely dangerous. Reeves killed fourteen, still will without wounds. Reeves’ death count was small but the amount of criminal he would bring in was reported to be over 3,000. Reeves mostly worked alone.

Reeves didn’t need a partner when being a master of disguise. Along with his mastery in pistols and tracking, he is known for his mastery in disguises. Once he disguised himself as a beggar so he could get into a criminal’s house. Reeves told the criminal he was also a criminal making them confess and arrested them. Some say that the criminals lived with there mother and she yelled at Bass all the way to jail.

Picture drawn by Drawfee’s Josh Andrews

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