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Strolling through Bangkok, you will enter the paradise of fried worms: cockroaches, mites, silkworm pupa, bamboo worms, leeches and so on. Hot and sour sauce is unlimited. In the Talad Thai market in the northern suburbs of Bangkok, you can see fried insects, which are supplied to Bangkok and its surrounding markets in kilograms.



The Yunnan Province in China is a famous “animal kingdom” and “plant kingdom”. There are many kinds of animals and plants in the mountains, and there are many insects. Many people in Yunnan have the habit of eating insects, especially in areas where ethnic minorities live in concentrated areas. Some insect foods have reached a level of love, and are quite expensive. Insects have also become an important part of Yunnan cuisine.



This may be difficult to accept, but eating insects is not only for Southeast Asians!


In the state of California before the Europeans entered, the Native Americans lacked animal husbandry and relied on insects to maintain basic survival. The fat larvae of bees, wasps, ants and moths were their main meal. The maggots on the beaches of the salt lakes of Nevada and the ukulele moth caterpillars on the pine branches were dry foods of the indigenous people.


When were Spanish explorer entered the Amazon Plain, locals also fed on insects. Nearly 75% of insects are consumed in their larval stages, because these larvae are the freshest and juiciest. These worms are more meaningful to women. When men go hunting, they rarely get animal food, so insects become a good substitute for meat.

According to nutrition experts, 50% of the calorific value in 94 edible insects is higher than soybeans (19572kJ / kg). 87% is higher than corn (15540kJ / kg). 65% is higher than beef. 70% is higher than fish, small lentils and broad beans. 5% higher than wheat and rye. The zinc content of ants is 8 times that of soybeans and twice that of pig livers. It is an ideal food for human beings.



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Picture by Sina; ATI; Nvdia ; TaiShuai

Chart by Daniella Martin


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