China Released the First 5G SIM Card in the World—5G Era is Coming Soon!

Written by Van Yang

On February 15th, the reporter of “Daily Economic News” learned from China Telecom’s insiders that China Telecom issued the first SIM card under the 5G network, which is the 5G mobile phone card. Prior to January 29, China Telecom and SOHO China signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement between the two parties, China Telecom will provide 5G network coverage to SOHO China Beijing buildings.

The operator also said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has not issued a 5G license, and according to the plan, the pre-commercialization of 5G communication will be realized in some cities in the second half of the year. According to the overall situation of the industry chain, operators will carry out 5G numbering in a timely manner, or upgrade the mobile phone users in the past.

It is worth noticing that China Unicom also said on its official Weibo yesterday that China Unicom’s 5G smartphone test machine was officially delivered. In addition, according to the previous plan of China Mobile, China Mobile will focus on the 5G terminal scale test this year. Among them, the friendly user test was launched in September and the scale was developed in December.

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