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Dominican High School to Undergo Cafeteria Construction in the 2019-2020 Year

Written by Monteagudo

Dominican High School has finally released the blueprints for the construction of the new cafeteria, set to be ready by the 2019-2020 school year. This rumor has been going around for about a year, but the plans have finally been released to the public. Students received an exclusive view of the layout.

The layout displays the renovated style of the cafeteria. New booth-like chairs will be constructed on the outer rim where the windows reside. The new waste baskets will contain a place for food trays and an option for recycled or regular garbage.

The tables are reinvented to fit 12 people on each side, and there are alternative, smaller seating choices.

Dominican High School has confirmed that this will be the new layout for the new cafeteria, getting rid of the circular tables.

            “After much consideration, we (Dominican High School) have decided to invest in our students with a quality lunchroom. Ideas have been circulating, and the staff admits that this will be an easier transition through periods than the old layout!

-Edward Foy, Principal

Students and staff are having mixed feelings about the new layout:

“There goes our senior prank, knocking down the chairs after lunch! Guess we’ll just have to have a better senior prank than last year.” –Anthony Grafton ‘19

“I love it. I love Dominican High School. I love everything about this school. It is the perfect option for our students. I take lots of pride in the cafeteria and think that this is the right choice.” –Vinny Murray, Dean of Students

Huh? Were you talking to me?” –John Robertson ’19 and his Airpods.

The majority of the feedback has been positive. The new layout promises for easier accessibility from the lunch line and the doors. Dominican High School has confirmed the plans and operations for the constriction will begin early summer, after the 2019 extended graduation.

Cover photo by: Dominican High School

Layout by: Deer Mound High School

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