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Written by Braelynn Jordan

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Today we have a poem from senior Michelle Mitchell. The poem she suggested for us is Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Michelle came about this poem while taking AP Lit. Out of all the poems in the world this one stood out to her because of the visual image it portrays of a guy being in the desert and he sees something that was so big and beautiful than it just crumpled down. While also getting a visual image, Michelle connected with the writer, by feeling connected to the statue (that is talked about in the poem). Since this poem is very visual, one word to describe this poem would be beautiful, because of the images it paints. Michelle suggests that we all read it because it is a very important time for literature and art. Where people started to embrace art into their literature. She knows that poetry can seem boring because it is kind of old fashioned, but if you just take the time to read it and understand it, then you can take more things away from it, and it becomes cool while learning new things on our history. So make sure you check it out above.

Photo Cred: Michelle Mitchel

Poem Cred: Pinterest

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