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“Movie” Recommendation of the Week -Newsies

Written by Jonathan Frank
“Movie” Recommendation of the Week.

Newsies – Dominican or Netflix?

Okay, this one is not a movie, but it’s good anyway. Honestly, if you can, watch the Dominican version for this musical. We only have a few shows a year, and this one is huge. Everyone who is putting it on worked hard to make sure it’s the best it can be. Great performances, music, everything. While there is a Broadway version of the play, you should go local to watch this musical, instead of just watching it online. If you want to watch the Netflix one, I suggest you watch the Dominican version first, then watch the Netflix one to see it again if you enjoyed the Dominican one. Seriously though, Support the theater program and come out to watch the show starting at 7 pm on the 15th 16th 22nd 23rd. At 2 pm on 17th and 24th.

The Musical follows a group of orphaned, and homeless “newsies” or paper boys. The main character of these being Jack Kelly. The rest I’m going to leave up to you to watch one of the given days.

When asking Anthony Grafton, who is playing Joseph Pulitzer, why you should come and watch the Dominican version of the play, he said “Every version of the play has its own take or unique spin on the source material. So, if anything, you should watch it to see what we do differently.” So that’s all we have to say about that; go out and have some fun watching the Dominican Musical in these upcoming weeks.

Happy Watching.

*Image is the original Broadway Artwork*

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