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Super Smash Bros: Ultimate Review

Written by Teddy Kister

Super Smash Brothers has always been one of my favorite video game franchises. It is so much to fun to battle out battles you have had in your head since you were a child. Who would win, Link or Mario? In Smash Bros you can find those answers. And in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you can fulfill those dreams in the biggest Smash Bros game to date.

With 70 characters and over 100 stages and more on the way, there are endless combinations for you to fight with. All of the character have their own appeal making every match-up feel different. The gameplay of Smash Ultimate is very smooth and silky, making combos feel good and pretty easy to pull off. With the smooth gameplay, it is very open to new players, being able to still have fun. For example, my friend is a first time Smash Bros player and ever since we have played the game together he always looks forward to play the game when he comes over, showing how even people who have never played a Smash Bros game will have fun while playing.

With the selection of music from multiple famous video game franchises, I would be remiss to not mention the amazing soundtrack that plays on the stages in the game. Some of my favorite video game songs ever are present in this soundtrack, making this game one of the best places to find amazing music.

While most of the content in Smash Ultimate is based around multiplayer, there is a good amount of singleplayer content as well. The campaign mode, World of Light, is a fun way to experience the game. The spirits are ways to see characters that could never be a fighter in the game. The spirits are battles with the rules mixed up, and there are hundreds of spirits for you to collect. For example, there is a spirit battle against a fly from Earthbound. The fight is against a tiny Mr. Game and Watch at 300% so he will be defeated in one hit, a funny way to show that character.

Overall, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is truly the ultimate Smash Bros game, with so much content and solid gameplay that will last for years.



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