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T.V. Show Of The Week: Russian Doll

Written by Isaiah Martin

Now let me be honest, this show is not for the simple minded or impatient. It’s sort of weird and slow paced at times, but it’s truly something to marvel at. Straight from the beautiful minds of Natasha Lyeonne, Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland, a woman’s 36th birthday becomes a universal revelation of sorts. It’s an intellectual, controversial, and morbid comedy that’s complemented by its mystery elements. Accompanied with a great script, extraordinary cinematography, and excellent acting, Russian Doll is another bonnafide Netflix gem, and if you don’t believe me take it from a list of renowned film critique websites.

IDMb- 8.1/10 = 81%

Metracritic- 89%

Rotten Tomatoes- All Critics = 96% Top Critics = 100%!

Altogether, personally it earns a 10/10 on my list, and I suggest you put it on your list of new shows to watch.



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