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The Dandy Adventure of Dwight H. Johnson

Written by Anthony Grafton

This story is based on a true story. Some information may be construed for sake of coolness. The links will be featured at the end of the article.

Dwight Hal Johnson was a member of the Specialist Fifth Class, Company B, 1st Battalion, 69th Armor, 4th Infantry Division in the U.S. Army. One of Dwight’s greatest friends, Skip, from the Vietnam war said he was quiet person and stayed that way the whole tour. The thing is that after this tour he earned one of the highest honors which is the congressional medal of honor.

Dwight was a quiet tank driver was driving through Dak To, Vietnam. While driving the tank, the tank moved from its current speed to a sudden halt. This jerks the whole crew in the tank. Checking everything, the crew realized that the wheel came off the track. The tank was going to help another company and right when they got to the rendezvous point the company was attacked. The tank was immobilized in the heat of battle. While Dwight’s job as a driver was over he was still a solider. The only thing he could do now is get out and fight.

There is only one problem. Dwight was armed with only a .45 caliber pistol. Most of the people fighting against them had antitank rocket, pistols, and automatic weapons. Dwight had one goal in mind, to save as many people as possible and then getting back to the tank. Before he could get closer to any other tanks, Dwight had to have a fighting chance with a better weapon. Dwight takes out several enemy soldiers recovering a sub machine gun. Now that Dwight has a proper weapon, he can go forward fighting towards the center of the ambush. Specialist Johnson continued to fight through a crowd of people trying to kill him. While on his way to the next tank, he smashed his sub machine gun is a struggle. This left Specialist Dwight with the only weapon, his fist. Without a real weapon, Specialist Johnson heads towards his platoon sergeant’s tank. Specialist Johnson took a crew to an armored personnel carrier and then went back into the action. Specialist Johnson went back to the sergeant’s tank and manned the main gun, helping to fight the ambush little more. Dwight stayed there for a while until he ran out of ammo. Dwight realized that his tank still hand ammo in its main gun. So Specialist Johnson, dodging the same things from before got back to his tank where he stayed until he was “rescued”. It was less of a rescue and more of the army taking control of the situation.

After he leaves the army, Dwight was given the congressional medal of honor for the bravery he showed during the tour in Dak To. This was an upgrade for Dwight because his life had gone somewhat downhill. Some would say that this was the early signs of the PTSD shown later on in his life. The medal got Dwight a steady job until he stopped leaving his house more. Dwight ended up dying because he has a PTSD moment at a store and the owner thought he was robbing the store. Most of the news reports titles say he got shot during a robbery which makes it sound like a criminal shot him. The point is that this great man should, at the least, help people shine a lantern on the problem of veterans with PTSD.

Picture taken by Dwight C Johnson

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