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Favorite Poem of the Week

Written by Braelynn Jordan

This week we have a poem from Senior Sabrina Lara. Sabrina provided us is actually a quote by Nayyirah Waheed, but it can be thought of as a poem. This quote was very touching for Sabrina because it addresses something that she and others struggle with. Even though the quote is short it reminds Sabrina that love for yourself is important as love form others, but in order to really love someone you must truly love yourself first. Sabrina wants you all to know the importance of self-love and how it affects how you look at yourself. Lastly, self-love is also a sensitive matter that takes time to fully feel. So make sure you love yourself instead of trying to fulfill that self-love through others.

Poem Cred: Pinterest

Photo Cred: Braelynn Jordan

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