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Ghost Town

Written by Monteagudo

Though no one lives in this city anymore, you can still hear the cheers of the youth. Their laughter rings through the streets and the wind blows the whispers from corner to corner. The empty buildings are hollow; the faintest sound can be heard from a mile away. How could any form of life have survived in these conditions?

Families crammed in the little space of the corrupt apartments, living on each other’s love. The sidewalks were home to the dangers that plague a human spirit. Small bullets of dust had more power than every single person on the avenue. Fear was a crucial rule of survival in this neighborhood, one did not dare to challenge the authority at risk of being overthrown themselves.

Respect vanished at look of the scarce nature of one’s bank account, money controlled the brains of the citizens here. The dead bodies were a result of this loss of respect. Fathers and mothers would attempt to protect their children from this fate, and blamed themselves when their shield was damaged by a small tablet.

The skies were not blue in the city, even if the sun was transparent through the broken windows. Oxygen seemed to be altered when you found yourself in the town. This was a reality of the town. While a town 2 miles away seemed to smile at the sun, the children of this town peaked out their windows hoping one day they would be able to play outside. They wondered why they were subjected to this isolation. Why can’t I walk to their friend’s house to play? Why did my friend suddenly leave without saying “goodbye”?

The unbearable conditions have crafted each child’s persona and caused them to work hard. It unfortunately could not save them from their fate.

The laughter that bounces off the bricks of the empty streets suddenly fades away. Happiness turns into horror at the snap of a finger when parents are separated from their youth. The horror seemed to crawl through every household and brought adulthood to each child. Why did my mom leave without saying “goodbye”? Where is she going? When is she coming back?

The city that once held people, seemed to disappear at the gust of the wind. The community was separated and were blown into worse conditions. The hardships that were endured in this town seemed to be the beginning of the problems.

Forced to grow up at age 4, each child of this town sought to overcome this. Forever they will be haunted by the hollow sound of the word deportation.

Cover Picture by: Washington Post

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