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The Ultimate Game

Written by Anthony Grafton

Most of this story is true but is told in the point of view of the author. We at Knightly News get our work done and slack off. What we do is have fun sometimes for the sake of it being news worthy.

This games starts out like any other. Two friends are bored and decide to play a computer game. The first friend recommends a game he just found and had been play that day. The second friend has never played and is afraid because of the curve of skill that the first friend has. Both are competitive and have little experience, unaware to the first friend’s knowledge. The first few games go and the first friend demolishes the other friends. A third friend enters but just ravages the intriguing game by trying to join in. Adding a third friend was a bad idea so it was back to one on one but with an audience. The first friend showed that he was a prodigy with swift movement using tank controls. Tank controls are usually hard to control and added to horror games to give the feeling of being less in control. Getting stuck and losing a point to the second player was inevitable. The first friend had better understanding of the game along with faster movements. The second friend had luck, the third friend as a coach, and a large amount of distance at all times.

The game works like this, there are two tanks. Each tank can move the same speed and shoot about 6 shots before needing to reload. There are also random upgrades that pop up around the field to aid the player. Each shot you took, including the special ones, had a chance to hit the person that fired them. This made it easier for mind games and tricks to be involved. No one knew what the score cap was so they would stop at first to 30 points, when you win a round you get a point. The second friend’s luck came in two ways. The first, when a round began the two players are put in random places. Most of the time near the greatest weapon in the game, the laser. Most shots took a while to get toward the other tank so opponent could maneuver around the shot. There was no time to move if you got the laser upgrade. Once the first player realized that the second player was combining the laser with a keep away strategy the first friend knew how to defeat the other. Easy wins were given to the first player when they were set right next to one another. The first friend also took advantage of two other upgrades, bomb and machine gun. Machine gun shot out rounds more quick in smaller pellets. This made them easier to dodge but at the same time harder because of the large number of them. Still being new to the game, the first friend also hit himself multiple times but got the hang of it quickly. The way the first friend used bomb was that he would throw out the bomb and move the opposite direction so when it explodes the other person would get hit as it is the only shot that goes through walls.  It only worked once sadly. Despite all of the things stacked against the first friend he won. The score being 23 to 30. The first friend had found his calling in life going on to play this game and win the championship of the world.

Picture screenshot by Big Smooth

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