Taiwan Horror Game ‘Devotion’ is Suspected of Insulting Chinese National Leader !

Written by Van Yang
After the great success of release of horror game ‘Devotion’ by Taiwan game company RedCandle, the newest game of RedCandle ‘Devotion’ has once again set off a boom. However, many Chinese mainland players reveal and report that the curse image on one of the charms in the game is suspected of “insulting” Chinese national leader Xi Jinping, and game producers “supporting Taiwan independence” and so on, threatening to resist.

In recent days, the Internet has begun to discuss a screenshot of a charm whose four-corner characters show certain Taiwan swear words, and the curse is pointing at Chinese national leader who is called “Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh” on the charm. However, some Chinese players said that after the game was updated, the spell image disappeared.

Chinese netizens reported on Weibo on the 23rd that the redemption of the cyber horror game “Reminder” hides the words “Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh” and is suspected of supporting “Taiwan independence” and threatened to resist.

This news began this morning on the Chinese community website Weibo fermentation. Many Chinese netizens commented that the game “insulted the national leaders” and the producers “supported Taiwan independence” and so on, threatened to boycott.

In addition, Weibo also began to ban and control related discussions. To the deadline, the keyword tag “Detention”, which was originally able to quickly browse the topic, was removed. All the official posts of the red candle microblog were also banned from responding, and the forwarding comments were also unavailable.

In response, the makers in the afternoon issued a statement on Facebook saying that the team often used the network terminology as a temporary material when making the prototype, but this time it was not deleted because of the version synchronization problem. It was an accident and there was no attack or abusive intention.

The statement stressed that this storm reflects the fact that the team is not rigorous in the production process. As a game company, the red candle does have a lot of room for improvement. “I am very sorry for the troubles caused by all parties. I sincerely ask all players to forgive me. All responsibility is attributed to the RedCandle.”

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