Question Of The Week: What Things Can Hold You Back?

What are things that can hold you back?

  1. Procrastination: Being a procrastinator can hold you back from several things. For example leaving one thing for the end can effect other things that you have to do but are now not doing because you procrastinated. Instead of acting on it right away you wait and it is one of the worst things that anyone can do. It does not help any situation, it is better to get it done.
  2. People: People are going to be one of the biggest things that hold you back from doing things that you want to do no matter if they are simply friends or if they are family even. Learning to do what it is that your heart wants is very  important. Being yourself and learning to not care about others opinions is key to life, because you are your own person you have to do whatever it is that you feel is best.
  3. Fear: This can also be a big one because obviously if your scared of something more likely than not you will not want to do that thing that you are scared of. This is another thing that we should not let get to us. We should learn to take risks and be brave. Fear should never limit us to what we can do
  4. Distractions: DO NOT LET ANYTHING DISTRACT YOU FROM ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL! Never let anyone or anything distract you from doing things you need to get done in life. Sometimes we do need distractions from some things in life but do not let that “distraction” distract you from doing everything. You should always set a plan and a date for whatever it is that you need to get don’t and just do it use everything in your power to get it done.


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