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Written by Elijah Oliver

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In this week of the Knightly News were going to unravel the impact of the famous singing group, The Jackson 5.

The Jackson 5 consisted of members Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jackie Jackson, and Marlon Jackson. You might not know who all these people are except Michael Jackson.

The Jackson 5 all grew up in Gary, Indiana in a strict household. Because of their strict parents, they spent most of the time towards music and this became engraved in their lives. With the leadership from their father, he formed the famous group after he saw their genuine talent. Even five-year-old Michael joined this group and eventually became the lead vocalist as he grew older. They practiced and rehearsed many times getting better at singing and also dancing. The group named themselves Ripples & Waves Plus Michael, The Jackson Brothers, and The Jackson 5.

In the 1960s the famous group started performing and making money. After making a name for themselves and making a song called “Big Boy”, it became a local hit. At the age of 11, Michael and his brothers opened for famous singer Diana Ross and then set out their debut album. The in October of 1969, they released a single called “I Want You Back”. This was a success as it reached number 1 on the charts.

This singing group had a heavy influence on music and even the culture during the time period. They affected music, dancing, and even clothes. They showed how hard work can truly lead to success. It just takes time and patience. In the year of 1997, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Flame. Their music legacy lives on to this day. The impact on some of the clothes that people wear will last for generations.

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