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Favorite Poem of the Week

Written by Braelynn Jordan

This week we have a poem from senior John Dunn. The poem John provided for us is Early Bird by Shel Silverstein. When asked for a favorite poem, John had to think about it for a few because like many people he does not have a favorite poem. Even though John does not have a favorite poem, the author of the poem is very familiar to him. John chose this poem for us today because it was inspirational to him. This poem shows John that you should take control of your life and seize the day. “It is important to realize the gift each day gives and to make the best of it”, says John. One thing John wants to let you all know is “new days bring new events to make the best of the time you have now before it’s gone”. Do not just settle for what you are given, strive for something that is bigger.

Poem Cred: Pinterest

Photo Cred: Dominican Yearbook Staff

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