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Small updates in The Car World-No supercars this time

Written by Gus Wilson

This past week was extremely slow for car news, but this week is huge with news dumping out like a 10-gallon jug of water on to the floor. I’m not going to talk about any supercars or do any lists since this week is a double header for writing. Unfortunately as I say this Lamborghini is debuting their new trim for the Huracan supercar called the Evo Spyder. More on that this week.

Groupe PSA has announced their return to the US will be some time in the next two years or more since there are still negotiations over the tariffs on imported cars from Europe. The company from the PSA group is going to be Peugeot which hasn’t sold cars in the U.S. since 1989. This is exciting news since the cars are already sold in Mexico so they already have that market covered.

In other news, Honda just previewed their E Prototype due to be showed at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The car sits on a rear wheel drive platform and will have about 125 miles of range along with fast charging capability so it can get 80% battery power in 30 minutes. More shocking (get it electric puns), Porsche says that their next generation Macan small SUV is going to be all-electric which doesn’t come as a surprise considering that most manufacturers are going towards electrification.

Featured photo taken by: Larry Chen Picture found on: Article written by: Justin Banner

Photo taken by: Lamborghini Picture found on: Article written by: Kelly Pleskot

Photo taken by: PSA Groupe Photo found on: Article written by: Reuters (Motor Trend Staff)

Photo taken by: Honda Photo taken by: Article written by: Kelly Pleskot

Photo taken by: Porsche Photo found on: Article written by: Ed Tahaney

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