Third Quarter Review

Written by Christine Gill

This post was written by Knightly News anchor Ben Jelacic

The third quarter is coming to an end here at Dominican High School. Students and teachers are both stressing about the close due to the lack of school in the quarter. With all of the snow and cold days, the school lost almost an entire week which jumbled up schedules and due dates in a major way. Along with that, other major events happened during the quarter that shortened days as well like the talent show. Students are worried about their grades while teachers are worried about grading everything in time. Along with all of that, many students either participated in dance team, basketball, or the winter musical which added even more stress to them throughout the quarter. At this point, boys basketball is the only extracurricular still going on, but it will be ending soon. Spring sports and Elevation will come on in the fourth quarter; many students hope that they won’t amount to the same stress as their third quarter extracurricular did.  Only time will tell on the effects of what the third quarter will have on the fourth. I think I speak for everyone by saying that I hope the fourth quarter is a much better one than the third.

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