Getting to Know Jymuir Geeter

Written by Isaiah Martin

Jymuir Geeter is one of if not the most well known students in Dominican Highschool. His humor is that of legends creating infinite amounts of laughter daily. With a Colgate smile and a charming personality Jymuir leaves a strong (generally positive) impression on everyone he meets. From being the unofficial school comedian, to rapping, to playing the OL/DL on the football team Jymuir is a man of many talents. He is not without virtues however. Jymuir’s name should be found in the dictionary next to the word genuine. He speaks his mind when no one else will and does not regret it. I got to know Jymuir with these questions and I hope you will too.  


Q: Were you born in Milwaukee?  

Jymuir: Yes 

Q:  What was your childhood like? 

Jymuir: I mean I was chill I guess, I really didn’t do a lot it was like me and my brothers doing stuff like kid stuff going to the park hopping, laying in the yard, and all that other kind of stuff. I got three brothers and 5 sisters. I’m closer to my three oldest siblings: my two brothers and my older sister. I’m probably closest to my little sister because I see her every day. 

Q: Whats the worst thing you’ve been through?  

Jymuir: Worse thing I’ve been through?… I’d probably say when my dad died that was the toughest thing in my life. I was really close to him so when he died it was like a big piece missing. I was like 11 or 12 when it happened, so I knew what death was, but I couldn’t accept it. I taught myself how to shave, had to learn how to drive. Stuff that a parent is supposed to teach you I had to learn by myself.  

Q: What are your best features? 

Jymuir: I’d probably say my smile and my personality. If you know me I’m a pretty genuine person to people that I like. At the end of the day I don’t care what people think. As of me as a person I value stuff like that.   

Q: What are your flaws? 

Jymuir: It takes a lot for something to bother me. Nothing phases me at this point. Everything is just one ear out the other. I could lie and tell you “I would change it if I could” but I wouldn’t it just is what it is at the end of the day. 

Q: What are your views on politics? 

Jymuir Umm…Me personally I don’t know a lot about politics. I have nothing against him as a person but as a leader I feel like he brings too much of his personal beliefs into our government and it just makes everything he does and says seem ignorant and unnecessary.  

Q: What are your views on the church? 

Jymuir: In terms of the church…the bible says that it’s a place that God wants everybody to come to, but I feel like now the church is very hypocritical. How can the church say come as you are but people in the church look down on the homeless? How can a sinner tell me that my sins our wrong?   

Q: What are some of the most important things in your life? 

Jymuir: My mom, my sister, I’ll just say family. Certain relationships. Like the Idea of family outside of your family. Music is important to me. Probably sports. It has this competitive nature about it that’s magnetic. The drive and the determination. The whole idea of being a winner and doing whatever it takes to be that. Music is just something that helps with a lot. It’s like a regulator.   

Q: What are some of your deepest thoughts? 

Jymuir: Honestly bro I just don’t think about that kind of stuff. Whatever way it goes that’s just how I live. I think about stuff I could have changed. I like to think about the past. Some friends I wished I kept in touch with from middle school and all that. 

Q: What does it mean to be a black man to you?  

Jymuir: For me personally it’s trying to change some of those stereotypes. Like how black men abandon their kids or how we don’t have jobs that type of stuff.  I feel like being a black man to me is like we’ve been put on the earth for a purpose and that’s just to be a building block to the community and essentially to the world. I would say that African American people in general have a problem with turning to stereotypes. For example, the black lives matter movement. I support it but it shouldn’t take a Caucasian person to kill a black person to care. Black people kill black people every day and then it*s not a problem. So, we should move as a people to move out of those stereo types because once we move out of those stereotypes then people gonna stop looking at us like that. But other people can’t look at our people like that until we stop looking at ourselves like that.  

Q: What did you think about Black History Month? 

Jymuir: Um it’s a month where we recognize those African-American People that did great things. One thing I will say about black history month is that we tend to focus on those main people like Rosa Parks , Martin Luther king Jr., etc.  The people who aren’t known should be focus on not just other those five or so main people.  Pay more attention to the unknown 

Q: What is the best thing you’ve been through? 

Jymuir: Uhhhh….8th Grade year I played with Marshal and our team was trash but we made it to the playoffs and won the championship. Yeah that was the best thing I contributed too.  

Q: In your whole life?  

Jymuir: (enthusiatically) Mmmh-hmmm! I ain’t lying I got my picture on the wall and stuff…yeah That’s my greatest accomplishment ever I don’t care what anybody has to say. 

Photo Credit: Jymuir Geeter


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