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Movie Recommendation of the Week: Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

Written by Jonathan Frank

Movie Recommendation of the Week

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

Honestly, this movie is very dumb. If you enjoy dumb humor; you’ll enjoy this movie. If you want a serious movie, or something with good, thoughtful comedy, this is not the movie you are looking for. Even then, this movie is really easy and still very funny humor. Essentially, this movie is an intentionally rethinking of a Chinese karate, action film named Tiger & Crane Fist, or Savage Killers, as it is also known as. They then green screened in a new character to serve as their main protagonist. They then removed all the audio from the movie and a few people did all the voices of the characters. This bad dub of this movie not only makes fun of the other movies that have been dubbed and the way that the languages do not match the way they are speaking. This movie is very quotable, some of the lines are so ridiculous that they are hard to forget. It’s very unfortunate that the critics didn’t understand the fact that this was meant to be a ridicules, and bad movie. There is quite literally a scene where the character gets caught in a tiny net and they just cut to an intermission.

If you want a quick, easy chuckle, watch this movie. Seriously.

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