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Meme👏Review👏: Is This a Column?

Written by Anthony Grafton

Hello people of the meme, welcome to the exciting column of a meme connoisseur. This column will review different memes and assess the quality of these memes weekly. Basically a parody of the more famous meme of Meme Review from the famous Youtuber Pewdiepie.

Each week I will have another person to help me give value to the meme of the week. This week’s guess is the editor of not just of the Knightly News articles but also the editor of a podcast that should be coming soon couple with my article. Jonathan Frank is considered to be one of the highest in meme connoisseurs other than myself. Meme connoisseurs have many ranks with the highest being a spicy boy. This means he has spent tireless hours creating new and inventive memes while at the same time marveling over the artistry that comes from memes. I am a meme lord. This means that I have no real ranking but farm and breed memes for the best quality ones.

As the only spicy boy I know, I asked Jonny were it all started. Jonny told me that the internet was his only source to the meme. He started off in younger years googling specific means by typing in a topic and the word meme at the end. So if you want to be a spicy boy like Jonny the just continue your journey in the way of the meme and it will pay off. Jonny’s favorite meme is the We Are Number One. I agree with this meme is a very good meme because of Carl Stephen who died about a year ago. Carl was loved because of this meme and might be memorialized in his home town.

The final thing we talked about was the meme of the week, the is this a pigeon meme. This meme coming from an older anime,meaning an animation from an Asian country usually Japan, called The Brave Fighter of Sun Flighbird. This meme comes from a scene where the main character is trying use as he calls “good boy studies” to identify the thing around him. He starts off with pointing out butterfly calling it a pigeon. The original meme and most of the other memes based off of it are not really funny, which is what memes are made for. Coming to this agreement with Jonny, we rate the meme a seven out of ten pigeons. The meme has great potential but overall slightly boring. A meme is subjective so if want to look up your own memes just go on google.

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