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34-year-old Christiano Ronaldo Is Still At His Peak! Juventus 3-2 Atletico Madrid!

Written by Van Yang

In the second round of the Champions League eighth round, Juventus beat Atletico Madrid 3-0, thus completing another epic counterattack in the unfavorable situation of 0-2 behind the first leg.

And the main character in this comedy drama is still the “European Crown” C Ronaldo. After another up and down of the hat trick, according to the Daily Mail, C Ronaldo said, “This is the reason why Juventus bought me!”

Cristiano Ronaldo completed the Champions League hat trick we all take for granted by the iconic two headers and the same “signature” penalty. The Portuguese are in excellent condition, but more importantly, you can see the 34-year-old ball king’s determination to win. Every time he jumps to the top, every time he runs, he never slacks off. C Ronaldo will no doubt strive for his 4th Champions League.


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