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Artist of the Week: Derez De’shon

Written by Jack Robertson

Derez De’Shon hails from the South Side of Atlanta and has been rapping for quite a long time. He began rapping under the name D Bo in the late 2000’s were he worked under Slim Dunkin until Dunkin died in 2011. Derez stopped rapping for a few years before changing his name multiple times trying to gain attention for his music. In 2016, he signed with Birdman’s label Cash Money. However, it was not until recently that he has caught local and national attention after changing his name. He quietly has become one of the hottest rappers in the very well-known city of Atlanta. Under his new name he began dropping singles such as “Hardaway” and “Ambition” with “Hardaway” gaining millions of views on YouTube and breaking through on a national level. He followed that up in 2018 with his first album “Pain” which was once on the Billboard Top 100. Derez proceeded to release a mixtape “Pain 2” which featured multiple famous artists such as Mozzy, Lil Durk, Lil Baby and others.

Photo credit: Derez De’shon Facebook

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